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Once you learn to fly, your private pilot license will give you the ability to fly an airplane for personal or business travel. By the time you are ready to take your private pilot practical test, you will be able to fly during daylight hours and at night, into airports with paved or grass runways, and be prepared to make decisions as pilot in command of each flight.

Because each person develops and learns to fly at a different pace, each our flying lessons are tailored to the needs and abilities of each student pilot. As a client of Michiana Aviation, you will work with an experienced flight instructor who will guide you through each stage as you learn to fly. The general outline for designing your training program will divide into three stages:
  • Stage One: Pre-solo. During this stage, you will learn all of the fundamentals of flight and will gain the ability and confidence to take off, fly, and land the airplane all by yourself. You will also begin to develop the competence and confidence to respond to emergencies.
  • Stage Two: Cross-country. During this stage, you will learn the fundamentals of flight planning and navigation, and will fly few trips of distances between 60 and 150 miles. After flying with your instructor, you will fly yourself on cross-country training flights. You will also develop the ability to make effective decisions, both before and during any flight.
  • Stage Three: Practical Test Preparation. During this stage, you will refine your skills in handling the airplane so that you can demonstrate your mastery of the aircraft for the flight examiner. You will continue to build your decision-making skills and become an expert in dealing with in-flight emergencies.
In order to qualify as for the private pilot certificate, you are required to accomplish the following:
  • Receive certification from an FAA-designated physician
  • Satisfy flight time and experience requirements
  • Pass the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge test, which is a 60-question multiple choice, with a minimum score of 70%
  • Pass a practical test administered by an FAA-designated examiner. This test consists of an oral portion and a flight portion. After the completion of this test, you are awarded the private pilot certificate.
Our rates are as follows:
  • Cessna 172R - $130 per hour, measured in tenths of an hour
  • Flight Instruction - $40 per hour
During the first stage, each lesson will involve approximately two hours with your instructor and one hour in the airplane, so the cost of each session will be approximately $220. Most student pilots complete the first stage in ten to fifteen flights.
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